Maneuvers and Private Pilot Checklist for the Checkride

I-Pre-Flight Preparation

Pre-Flight Considerations

Human Factors

II-Preflight Procedures

Preflight Assesment

Fligt Deck Management

Starting the Engine

Taxi Please

Before Take-Off Check

III-Airport Operations

Communications, Light Sigs, Rwy Lighting

Traffic Pattern

IV-Take-Offs, Landings, Go-Arounds

Normal Take-Off and Climb

Normal Approach & Land

Soft-Field Take-Off

Soft-Field Landing

Short-Field Take-Off

Short-Field Landing

Forward Slip Go-Around/Reject Landing

V-Performance and Ground Maneuvers

Steep Turns (45-degree)

Ground Ref Maneuvers


Pilotage & Dead Reckoning

Navigation Systems & Radar


Lost Procedures

VII-Slow Flight and Stalls

Manevering - Slow Flight

Power-Off Stalls

Power-On Stalls

Spin Awareness

VIII-Basic Instrument Maneuvers

Straight & Level

Constant Airspeed Climbs

Constant Airspeed Descents

Turns to Headings

Recovery Unusal Flight Atitudes

Radio, Nav Facility & Radar

IX-Emergency Operations

Emergency Descent
Engine-Out Checklist

Emergency Apr & Land

Systems and Equip. Malfuctions

Emergency Equip./Survival Gear

X-MultiEngine Operations

XI-Night Operations

Night Preparation

XII-Post Flight Procedures